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Computer & Office

Computer and office refers to the equipment and tools used in an office setting, such as computers, printers, phones, and office supplies. Computers are electronic devices that can be used to input, process, and output data, and are commonly used for tasks such as word processing, internet browsing, and email. Office supplies include items such as paper, pens, and file folders, which are used to organize and manage paper documents. These tools are important for businesses and organizations to efficiently manage their operations and to communicate with customers and other businesses.

Computers and office equipment have become essential tools for modern businesses, and play a crucial role in increasing productivity and efficiency. They are used for a wide range of tasks, from basic data entry and document creation to more complex tasks such as data analysis, financial modeling, and graphic design. The most common types of computers used in offices are desktop computers and laptops, while other common office equipment includes printers, scanners, and fax machines.

In addition to traditional office equipment, many businesses now also use software and online tools to manage their operations. For example, cloud-based productivity software such as Google Workspace or Microsoft Office 365 allow employees to work on documents and collaborate in real-time, regardless of their location. Online project management tools, such as Trello and Asana, are also commonly used to organize and manage tasks and deadlines.

Furthermore, the use of communication tools such as VoIP, instant messaging and video conferencing have become increasingly popular, allowing for easy and efficient communication both within and outside the office.

Overall, the combination of computers and office equipment, along with the appropriate software and communication tools, plays a vital role in today's business world, enabling companies to be more productive, efficient and competitive.


CN-0YT99J-tarjeta gráfica 0YT99J YT99J para DELL ALIENWARE M17X M18X, N12E-GS-A1 GTX560M, 1535M, 100%, funciona 46.84 46.84  (~EUR  ) +detail

Zebra Technologies-pieza de P1037974-013, Kit de mecanismo de impresión de transferencia térmica, serie ZT210, ZT230, ZT200 46.13 45.21  (~EUR  ) +detail

Teclado con retroiluminación blanca para Clevo, P655SA, P655SE, P670RA, P670RS, P670RS, P670SAN150, N151, P65 0, P670, P651, nuevo 46.13 45.21  (~EUR  ) +detail

Pantalla táctil Lcd de 3100 "para ordenador portátil Chromebook 11,6, Original, nuevo, B116XTK01.0, 2G5VN, 02G5VN 46.84 46.84  (~EUR  ) +detail

CSRZSZ-placa base para Samsung RV510, BA41-01322A, BA92-06564A, BA92-06564B, enchufe DDR3 478, probado completamente 46.84 46.84  (~EUR  ) +detail

Bolígrafo de Yoga para ThinkPad L380 L390, pantalla capacitiva táctil activa, Stylus inteligente X390, Yoga 01LW769 01FR723 45.21 45.21  (~EUR  ) +detail

NBMX1110096 P0KCC2, placa base de mesa de SW3-016 usada Original para Acer 10E, probada, envío rápido, Envío Gratis 46.84 46.84  (~EUR  ) +detail

Para MacBook Pro A1278 13 "2009 2,26 GHz P7550 MB990LL/A 2,53 GHz P8700 MB991LL/A placa lógica 661-5230 661-5231 820-2530-A 46.84 46.84  (~EUR  ) +detail

Para HP EliteBook 8740W 8760W 8540w 8560w IBM 505986-001 FX 596062 M FX3800M 1GB N10E-GLM3-B2 3800-180 tarjeta de vídeo VGA 46.84 46.84  (~EUR  ) +detail

Tarjeta gráfica de vídeo para iMac A1311, de 21,5 pulgadas, para Dell M4800 HP ZBook 15 G1 G2 Quadro K2100M K 2011 M GDDR5, N15P-Q3-A1 46.84 46.84  (~EUR  ) +detail

Montaje de tapa trasera LCD para Dell Inspiron 15 7547 / 7548 15,6 "-95R88 095R88 46.84 46.84  (~EUR  ) +detail

Procesador intel Core i7 3540M para ordenador portátil, dispositivo original con pin, G2, 3,0 GHz, 4M, Dual Core, SR0X6, I7-3540M, PGA 988B 45.21 45.21  (~EUR  ) +detail

MLLSE-tarjeta gráfica AMD RX5500XT, GPU De escritorio De 128 bits, GDDR6, PCIe 4,0x8, Navi 14, para videojuegos 95.60 46.84  (~EUR  ) +detail

Tarjeta gráfica para Dell Precision M4600, M6600, Nvidia Quadro, 2000M, 2GB, DDR3, N12P-Q3-A1, VGA, PMY8Y, 0PMY8Y 46.84 46.84  (~EUR  ) +detail

Placa de expansión de módulo de fuente de alimentación GPU original para Dell Poweredge T630 T640 0X7C1K X7C1K 46.84 46.84  (~EUR  ) +detail

Funda superior para teclado de portátil ASUS, carcasa C para reposamanos, G752, G752V, G752VL, G752VM, G752VS, G752VT, VY, GFX72, GFX72V, color negro, US RU 65.96 65.96  (~EUR  ) +detail

Cabezal de impresión Original para impresora térmica móvil Zebra QLn420, 203dpi, P1050667-001 p/n, nuevo 93.69 46.85  (~EUR  ) +detail

Tarjeta gráfica de vídeo para portátil Acer Aspire 8920, 8920G, 8930, 8930G, nVidia GeForce 9650M GT MXM II DDR2, 512MB, tarjetas de G84-750-A2 46.84 46.84  (~EUR  ) +detail

Tarjeta gráfica para ordenador portátil ASUS G73 G73JH, tarjeta de vídeo HD 5870, 1GB, 216-0769008, 100% NY8VG1000-C13, probado en funcionamiento, envío gratis, nuevo 46.84 46.84  (~EUR  ) +detail

Funda superior para teclado de ordenador portátil, carcasa inferior para HP EliteBook 850 G4, negra, US 59.27 59.27  (~EUR  ) +detail

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